Thiruvananthapuram, July 03:  Kerala Chief Minister, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan today urged the people of the State to show compassion to those who have been in quarantine while treating those who have been cured of Covid with care and humanity.

During his media briefing, the Chief Minister mentioned a few incidents where people who had arrived in the State from outside and had completed their quarantine were treated badly by their relatives and also where those cured of Covid were ostracised by the society. “This is not the way to treat those who have finished their quarantine or those who are discharged from hospitals after recovering from the infection.

They cannot spread the disease. They need our care to restore their health, and support in getting back to a normal life. Such incidents will tarnish us. Such people need to understand that these isolated attitudes are detrimental to the general state of our society. The society must make a conscious effort to convince such people and their families.”

The CM also added that it is the responsibility of the State to provide the necessary facilities to the migrants from other countries and states who are now coming back. A large percentage of the expatriates are already stressed out with many having lost their jobs. “We are obligated to provide them with the facilities and mental support they need.

What is more important is to maintain physical distance, at home and outside, and avoid the spread of the disease. We should remember that anyone can get this infection. Those in quarantine should not be troubled or disturbed, or else, strict action will be taken against them.”

Since March, the Covid preventive measures have been going on without a break. The Health Department, Police, LSG bodies, LabourDepartment and Fire & Rescue services have been on the forefront of these preventive activities. Health workers, volunteers, Asha workers and Kudumbasree workers have been working continuously as part of this endeavour and it is natural for them to feel fatigued. “The government is aware of this and has been intervening to prevent a burnout.

At the same time, people and the society as a whole should support them”, he reminded. Minister of Health & Social Justice, Smt K K Shailaja and Chief Secretary, Dr Vishwas Mehta IAS, were also present for the briefing.