A master class on the Rhythm and Pace in Editing will be conducted by Deepika Kalra today (29-08-2022)
.This has been organized as part of the International Short Film Festival. The class will be on the fourth
day of the fiesta (Monday) the program will be held at Nila Theater at 11 am.

Breathtaking reception for The Furnace and Loud crowd for ‘The Casteless Collective- Prologue’; The
third day of IDSFFK has passed in awe and insightful takeaways

The Furnace, Shivaji Karde’s Marathi film which brings forth the intriguing and dark realities among the
brick lane workers and The Casteless Collective- Prologue, directed by Monesh B Kumar, which
documents the music band,The Casteless Collective from Tamil Nadu received a huge applause as the
audience unanimously expressed solidarity to end caste and all other forms of oppression.

Muntaha Amin’s Siege in the air that portrays the life in Kashmir after the abrogation of Article 370 also
received heartfelt appreciations for its narration and depiction of subtle images of real experiences lived
through the communication blackouts and pandemic restrictions. Both young and old film enthusiasts
and film critics stole the shows of the documentaries screened under the competition category including
Sohil Vaidya’s Murmurs of the Jungle, Ardehl Nainan’s Fantasy Parks and Anand Singh Chouhan’s
Washing Machine for their novel themes and experiments in filmmaking.

Night Time in the Small Town India, made by The Third Eye Portal which captures real shots of the night
time in Indian towns and Contemporary director Shaunak Sen’s All that Breathes which captures an
inerasable bond between humans and other living beings also gained wide attention and
acknowledgement. Barzakh, Love, Deutschmarks and Death were also screened under Best of the World

KENI, Chelavoor Venu: Life and Time and Reena Mohan’s In the Forest Hangs a Bridge were also had
their shows in fully-packed theatres. Ammi and The Color of My Home screened under the ‘Endangered
but Resilient’ category, Ranjan Palit’s Love in the Land of Tigers and Cem Kaya’s Love, Deutschmarks and
Death and short Fiction films like Partner in Crime and Viral also received public attention. Four Nights,
Black Mambas were among the nine documentaries screened under the International Category.