The four music videos, December, Strike.(n), Dhoop- The Music Video and Yours is Not to Reason will be
screened on Monday (29th August) at the Nila theatre from 9 am.

Rather than a passive hearing of music, these rhythmic videos consciously engage the listeners to travel
back and forth in time and space and persuade them to pause, think and reflect.

Vishnu Vilasini Vijayan’s rap Strike.(n) leaps out a rising beat in response to fascism and contemporary
political propaganda and Balaram J’s December captures the introspective and creative leap through the
story of a young boy entrapped in a mystical presence is both a visual and musical pleasure to watch.

While Radha Indu Rana’s Dhoop- The Music Video beats through the anticipations of love, loss and
memories, Lijin Jose’s Yours is Not to Reason Why takes us back to the most harrowing images of the
Auschwitz concentration camp and forces us to find answers for some troubling questions of ethnic