The International Documentary and Short Film Festival Of Kerala will screen 57 films today (29-08-2022).
The war-centric movies following the tale of the roughness of survival Mantas Kvedaravičius
and Loup Bureau’s Trench is all set to muse the spectators today.

Lithuanian director Mantas Kvedaravicius’s Mariupolis following the lives of everyday citizens in
Mariupol as the threat of war with Russia escalated, will be screened at Kairali at 8:30 Pm.

The films under the package titled  are Distorted Mirrors directed by Rajshri Deshpande,
National Award winner Savita Singh’s Mulberry, Spaces directed by Madhumitha Venugopal, The
Inner Face directed by Kutti Revathi, and Why? Maa! directed by Pooja Shyam Prabhat. The movies
which were shot on iPhone; will have their screening at Nila starting at 11:15 Am.

With Raps, voice-over beats, pleasant rhythms and musical narrations; December, Strike. (n), Dhoop-
The Music Video and Yours is Not to Reason Why will be screened at Nila from 9:00 Am.

Loup Bureau’s Trenches which premiered at the Venice Film Festival following the tale of the
roughness of survival, in the last conflict in Europe and Denis Dobrovoda’s The Cathedral will be
screened at Kairali and Sree respectively. The Special screening of the movie  Andrei Tarkovsky. A
Cinema Prayer, Mantas Kvedaravičius’s Mariupolis, Nilita Vachani’s Diamonds In A Vegetable Market,
and The Red; among others will also be screened on the fourth day of the fiesta.