A movie with the theme of life-affirming friendship, ‘Tori and Lokita’ by the Dardenne brothers, is the opening film at the 27 th IFFK. The directors–Jean-Pierre Dardenne and Luc Dardenne–are considered as the masters of humanist films for their remarkable documentation of human conditions.

“Tori and Lokita,” is the duo’s latest movie, which is masterfully crafted in a way that is engaging and heartbreaking. IFFK will witness the movie’s first Indian premiere after the inaugural ceremony at the Nishagandhi on December 9.

The film powerfully speaks  the real-life situations which is set in Belgium. The lead characters are minors, played by inexperienced actors. Pablo Shils plays the character Tori, and Joel Mbundu plays Lokita. The rapport between the characters becomes stronger as the movie progresses. These young migrants from Africa try to resist the very difficult condition of their exile life.

Tori and Lokita puts light on the political and cultural apathy toward the plight of immigrants. The film was made on behalf of hundreds of migrant minors who have vanished from the radars of administration, the judicial system and the public alike.  The Dardenne brothers describe this gross apathy as “absolutely abnormal and inadmissible.”