The 14th edition of IDSFFK ends successfully with a strong convergence of politics through women
cinema. Muntaha Amin’s Siege in the air which talks about the abrogation in Kashmir , Payal Kapadia’s A
night of knowing nothing which won Golden Eye prize at Cannes which talks about the survival and
fight of the Indian youth against the current political situations , Itales including 5 movies directed my
women narrating different politics and tracing the realities of the Indian society mentored by Mohsen
Makhmalbaf produced under A.R Rahman Foundation became a major highlight in the 14th edition of
the fest.

The film package curated by R P Amudhan which highlights the importance of Inclusivity , Tolerance
and Secularism, a selection of movies which talks about the major threats created by fascism was another
highlight of the fest.

261 films from over 44 countries exploring the diverse facets of life, with themes of survival, fantasy,
solitude and revolution were exhibited at the fiesta. The exceptional public participation of 1200
representatives and 250 filmmakers was a clear indication that the fest had Captured the audience’s

Varun Grover’s movie Kiss, Shivaji Karde’s Bhatti and Vinod Leela’s God of Small Things were notable
for their unique theme and presentation. The fiesta also displayed a wide array of Malayalam movies
ranging from ‘Village Cricket Boy’ To the Parable of Tommy. The films Murmurs of the Jungle, Night
Time in Small Town India and Salt and Sugar, which were screened in the short documentary
competition category, also won the audience’s attention. Following the politics of oppression and
themes of resistance at the fair; The Casteless Collective was exhibited in the long documentary
section. Various cultural programs added color to the fest.