Kerala Digital University has secured the E-Governance Silver Award, implemented by the Department of Administrative and Public Grievances. This award aims to acknowledge and promote excellence in the implementation of e-Governance systems across the country. The National e-Governance Award was conferred upon Digital University for its AI-based Lucky Bill app, developed for the GST Department of Kerala. This app not only ensures tax compliance but also enhances transparency in financial transactions. Digital University secured the Silver Award in the category of “Research on Citizen-Centric Services of Academic/Research Institutions.” This is the first time a state university has won an award in this category. The recognition signifies Digital University’s integral role in the state’s digital transformation through applied research and responsible utilization of technology.

The Lucky Bill Mobile App stands as a product of collaborative efforts between Digital University and the State Goods and Services Tax Department. The app aims to foster a culture where consumers actively request and retain their bills, thus contributing to increased tax compliance. It serves as the official platform for individuals in Kerala to conveniently upload their GST bills, allowing them to engage proactively in the department’s initiatives.

Since 2003, the Department of Administrative and Public Grievances has been conferring national awards to commend exceptional accomplishments in the realm of e-governance implementation within the nation. This year, the awards were distributed across five key categories:

Government Process Reengineering for Digital Transformation
Application of Emerging Technologies for Providing Citizen-Centric Services
District-Level Initiatives in eGovernance for Districts and Local Bodies
Research on Citizen-Centric Services by Academic/Research Institutions
Application of Emerging Technologies in Governance by Startups
The award is officially announced during the 26th National E-Governance Conference in Indore